The THAW Bakery

The THAW Bakery is the new kid in town, and they’re proving to be a good match for Winnipeg. With their Instagram-worthy matcha brioche, they have that new thing we’re always craving—for our mouths and our social feeds.

Walking into The THAW Bakery is kind of confusing at first. Around the perimeter of the room, there are counters with cases full of delicate looking pastries. In all honesty, I had to ask the guy at the front counter what to do.

He was extremely helpful and told me to load up a tray with whatever I was planning on buying, and he would help put them into bags with me.

I ended up going with the popular Matcha Brioche and I picked out a Four Berry Croissant. Overall, it was a cool experience, and the awesome guy at the counter (I neglected to get his name), offered to give me a sample of something that will be going on the menu in the future. He took the time to explain that it isn’t quite perfect yet, but he wanted to give me a sample anyway. AND he offered me a free coffee.

Matcha Brioche



I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. It was light and delicious, and the filling is to die for. I would recommend it to anyone.

The Four Berry Croissant


This pastry was my favourite. I could bathe in the filling it was so good. The guy at the counter mentioned that it’s his favourite and he once ate five in one night, and I can definitely understand why.

The final verdict: The THAW Bakery is great. If you ever find yourself on Pembina Highway, you should definitely check it out.


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