Pi Day

Every year on March 14, I celebrate Pi Day. You know, 3.14. You get it.

This year, I decided I wanted to go out to a popular bakery for pie. They would know how to make a good pie, right?

My friend, Riley, agreed to go with me. And—believe it or not—he’s never had pie in his life. That’s right. NEVER HAD PIE. I almost ended the friendship right there, but instead, I decided it would be more fun to document his first ever pie on Pi Day.

So off we went to Baked Expectations on Osborne, a Winnipeg haunt known for its delicious homemade desserts. I’ve never seen a slow day there. People love dessert.

It’s almost intimidating in Baked Expectations. When you sit down there is a giant glass case beside you filled with enormous cakes, pies, tortes, and brownies. There are almost too many choices.

Riley chose a banana chocolate pie, and I went for the key lime—my favourite.

Don’t be fooled by his smile. He hated it. AFTER the pies arrive, he decides to tell me that he hates bananas. It’s still beyond me to this day why he would order a pie with banana in the name. But he did anyway.


So, after deciding all the banana flavour was in the whipped topping, he lovingly scraped it all off.


He still hated it.

My pie was sad and melted. I was disappointed.

After we had sat there, sad about our pies for a while, we decided to go to Little Pizza Heaven for some pizza pie. Located just a short walk away, we knew we could get some garlic-y goodness from our friends at LPH.


That look right there? Pure bliss.


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