Cake Hack – round 2!

You may remember a blog post a couple months ago where I took a cake from Sobeys and transformed it into a much prettier cake.

Here’s a different take on that method. Instead of just using the icing provided on the cake (whipped topping), I purchased some buttercream from Sobeys to give the cake a little ~extra~.

Start with an ugly cake from Sobeys (I forgot to take the picture before I scraped the ugly trim off)


Next, scrape off all the icing (or in this case, whipped topping).


Add buttercream in whatever colour you’d like. I decided to stick with white.


Sprinkle those sides, because this cake will not be as level as you’d like. It’s easy to distract people with sprinkles.



Colour some more buttercream and pipe out a nice trim. I decided to go with little blobs.


You’re almost there! Decorate the middle however you’d like. I was decorating this cake for a dear friend. So, I opted for a monster face to match her personality.


Voilà! You are done. 🙂


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