Best chocolate cake secret

For years and years, I have been keeping my chocolate cake recipe a secret. Much to the dismay of many a birthday party goers, I haven’t been too quick to dish out the scoop on my most beloved recipe. Continue reading


Simple Comforts

Sometimes you have a bad day—or a bad week.

It’s okay, we all have them.

I’m not going to lie, this past week was rough for me. I have taken on a lot of extra work, and it’s starting to catch up with me.

Don’t feel bad for me, I’m managing, and I can get through it, but sometimes you need someone to help.

This week, help arrived in the form of a banana muffin.

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Pumpkin Cupcakes

Happy one year anniversary, pumpkin.


Exactly one year ago I started Pinterestingly Hailey, a blog where I would try different things on Pinterest. This idea was fun for one semester before I decided to switch to just baking for Get Baked with Hailey.

My first ever post was about two-ingredient pumpkin cupcakes, so I decided to make real pumpkin cupcakes for you this week with more than two ingredients. A little anniversary gift from me to you.

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