Garlic Knots

I love bread.

I love garlic.

Garlic bread is amazing.

Garlic knots are way better.

Just imagine little rolls of goodness tossed in a garlic, butter, and parsley. I don’t think it can really get better than that. This was my first attempt at making bread, and it actually turned out really well. (My classmates seemed to enjoy them anyway…but they’re all poor, starving students, so they’re not too hard to impress)

Check out the recipe below!

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Creme Brûlée

I finally conquered the creme brûlée.

Okay, I make it sound like it was some sort of epic battle—it wasn’t. But, it’s definitely something I’ve been hesitant to make. Creme Brûlée is my favourite dessert to order while out. The fact that I can now make it whenever I damn well please frightens me.

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