Potato Stamp T-Shirt


Yes, I apologize, this is another project involving a t-shirt. I just couldn’t resist the potato stamp. That’s right, this week we’re making a potato stamp. A stamp. Made out of a potato. A potato stamp.

Excited? I totally was. Once I decided what I wanted to do, I took a trip to Value Village to find a suitable article of clothing to potato stamp. I found a plain white T for $3 (Delilah would be proud).

I rushed home and found the perfect victim. He was the biggest potato in the bag, so he seemed like the perfect candidate.


I cut him in half, and started to carve out the shapes that I thought would look nice.


*DISCLAIMER* Scalpels are SHARP. They will hurt you, so be careful…not speaking from experience or anything…


Here’s what my final “stamps” looked like. I do have to say, I’m pretty impressed with how the skull turned out. Who knew that I had the hidden talent of carving a skull into half a potato? Not me!


Now the fun part, STAMPING!

I poured the paint out onto a paper plate. In this case, I used Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint (what a mouth-full!), in a dark gun-metal type shade. I dipped the potato stamp into the paint and kind of swirled it around a bit, making sure that the entire surface of the stamp was covered in paint.

Next, I stamped. Stamp, stamp, stamp.


Then, I stamped some more!


The shirt is drying as I sit here writing this blog, and I will be heat setting it in the morning with an iron before throwing it in the wash. I’m absolutely in love with how the design turned out. This is definitely a shirt that I would consider purchasing in a store, and it cost me a fraction of the price that I would normally pay. I can’t wait to see how the shirt stands up to the wash. I’ll keep you guys updated!

Here’s what the shirt looks like as it lays here drying.


I think it turned out so cool! Hope you guys enjoyed! I’ll post a picture up once the shirt has been washed!




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