S’mores Dip

Hey friends!

Who loves marshmallows?


I don’t know about you, but some of my favourite summer nights are those spent around a campfire. My favourite part about those nights are the s’mores–aside from the great company of course. With the weather getting colder, bon fires are becoming less common. How will I get my gooey marshmallow fix??

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Potato Stamp T-Shirt


Yes, I apologize, this is another project involving a t-shirt. I just couldn’t resist the potato stamp. That’s right, this week we’re making a potato stamp. A stamp. Made out of a potato. A potato stamp.

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Welcome to Pinterestingly Hailey!

On this blog I’ll be attempting something new from Pinterest each week! I might try to bake, craft, build, draw, knit…who knows? The possibilities are endless–much like the posts on Pinterest. Stay tuned to see me fail miserably, or prevail against all odds. Excited to see where this will take me, and even more excited to have you here with me along the way! Let’s go try some stuff!